Rocky Head



Pale Ale.6.5% A super Hoppy American Pale loaded with American and NZ Hops.

Zen .4.8% An exuberant Hoppy American Blonde

Imitera IPA 7.2%. Massive hop bomb loaded with Citra and others.

BAM 7%. An American Belgium.

Session 3.8%. Easy to drink American Session but hopped like an IPA.

Bullet Cluster 5.6%. A super complex and hoppy stout.

Red Planet 5.5%. An American Red loaded with Amarillo and others

A group of friends who love tasty beer.


To have fun making the kind of beer we want to drink and hopefully find like minded people who want to buy it and drink it.


Rocky Head is a small 5BBL artisanal brewery set up by a group of friends inspired by the American Craft Brewing scene.
The brewery is probably the most ramshackle in the UK, equipment sourced and modified mainly from the offshoots from Carlsberg Tetley. It seems to work though! We craft small batches of intensely flavoured pale ale by hand, loaded with American and NZ hops.

Contact Details

Steve Daniel
Rocky Head Brewery
Unit 16, Glenville Mews, Kimber Road, Southfields, London, SW18 4NJ

Tel: 020 8875 9917