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Brixton Brewery and Bature Brewery Unveil ‘Mangoes to Lagos’ Pale Ale

Brixton Brewery and Bature Brewery Unveil ‘Mangoes to Lagos’ Pale Ale

Brixton Brewery has teamed up with Lagos-based Bature Brewery to create a vibrant new pale ale, aptly named ‘Mangoes to Lagos’. This cross-continental collaboration promises to bring the tropical essence of Nigeria right into the heart of London.

A Fusion of Cultures and Flavours

‘Mangoes to Lagos’ represents a unique blend of Brixton Brewery’s iconic ‘Mangoes to Brixton’ and Bature Brewery’s beloved ‘Mango Disco Juice’. This 4.5% ABV pale ale is packed with juicy mangoes sourced directly from Lagos, offering a refreshing and sun-kissed flavour profile. This brew not only highlights the tropical sweetness of Nigeria’s finest fruit but also symbolises the union of distinct cultures and brewing expertise.

Bature Brewery: Pioneers of Nigerian Craft Beer

Bature Brewery, Nigeria's first craft brewery, is leading the way in the country's emerging craft beer scene. Known for their innovative approach and dedication to showcasing local flavours, Bature has quickly gained international acclaim. Their collaboration with Brixton Brewery marks their first foray into the international market, signalling a bold step in their mission to put West Africa on the global beer map.

Brixton Brewery: Embracing Diversity and Innovation

Since its inception in 2013, Brixton Brewery has been a cornerstone of London’s vibrant craft beer community. Their beers, inspired by the diverse and dynamic Brixton neighbourhood, are known for their bold flavours and colourful designs. Collaborating with Bature Brewery is a testament to Brixton Brewery’s commitment to embracing new ideas and celebrating cultural diversity through brewing.

A Taste of Nigeria and South London

The ‘Mangoes to Lagos’ pale ale is more than just a drink; it's an experience that marries the best of Nigerian and South London brewing traditions. The beer’s hazy and revitalising character, combined with its dry-hopped tropical notes, promises to transport drinkers to a sunny day in Lagos or a bustling Brixton street market. This collaboration highlights the creativity and passion that both breweries bring to the table.

Availability and Where to Find It

Beer enthusiasts can find ‘Mangoes to Lagos’ in cans and on draft at select bottle shops and bars across London. It will also be available at various summer festivals, and for those who prefer the convenience of online shopping, it can be purchased directly from Brixton Brewery’s online store.

Celebrating Collaboration and Craft

Brixton Brewery’s co-head brewer, Francesco Mayell, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating:

“We put our heads together and came up with an ambitious yet carefully calibrated recipe that has turned into a beautiful, balanced, and supremely drinkable beer. Collaborations like these allow us to share insights and draw inspiration from each other’s brewing cultures.”

Bayo Ijasan from Bature Brewery added, “With Lagos and Brixton’s finest craft breweries coming together, this truly is the collaboration of dreams! We’ve packed all our experience and passion for local flavours into ‘Mangoes to Lagos’. We hope this brew excites beer lovers about the rich and colourful heritage of West Africa.”

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