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February's Top New Beer Releases

February's Top New Beer Releases

We're excited to present February's standout beer releases from the heart of London's craft beer world! This month saw an eclectic mix of styles and flavours, showcasing the innovation and diversity of our city's breweries.

Leading the pack, Gravity Well Brewing's 'Metastable Vacuum' has burst onto the scene, its enigmatic allure capturing the imagination of IPA lovers. Hot on its heels, The Kernel pays homage to the time-honoured traditions with 'Bitter Simmonds 1880', their fourth iteration of this popular ESB.

The art of the hazy IPA is well represented by Hackney Church Brew Co. with their 'Donkey', and Gravity Well's 'Faraday Uncaged', both of which have emerged as crowd favourites in February.

Pretty Decent Beer Co. continues to impress with 'There's a U in Quit', a sour that's as vibrant as its name suggests. Their innovation continues with the memorable 'It's Not Me, It's Choo' and the intriguing 'Big Metal Bird' making it a trio of beers in the top 10 for the second successive month.

Not to be outdone, Gravity Well's 'Wiccan Liquor' weaves a Pale Ale spell, while The Kernel crafts yet another standout with their 'India Pale Ale Citra Amarillo El Dorado'.

Battersea Brewery's 'Ultra Light Beam' shines through as a beacon of brewing excellence, and Old Street Brewery's 'The Hammer of Knollsy' closes out our list with its distinct character and a name which will be meaningful to local football fans.

Congratulations to all our LBA members for their exceptional releases this month. Your craft continues to define London as a capital of beer culture.

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February's Top New Beer Releases