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London Breweries Shine as Finalists in the SIBA Business Awards 2024

London Breweries Shine as Finalists in the SIBA Business Awards 2024

We are thrilled to announce that three LBA members have been highlighted as finalists in the SIBA Business Awards 2024, celebrating their significant contributions to the UK brewing industry.

Noteworthy Nominations

40FT Brewery stands out with nominations in multiple categories, including Marketing Implementation for their collaboration with East London Liquor Co, and Best Individual Design for 'Smokestack' and 'Death by a thousand brews'. Their innovative spirit is also recognised in the Business Innovation and Empowering People categories.

Orbit Beers is recognised for its Community Engagement, evidencing their strong commitment to local impact.

Signature Brew have been shortlisted for 'Riot Grrrl' in Best Individual Design and their creative partnership in Best Collaboration alongside We Serve Humans.

Premier Taprooms

Both 40FT and Signature Brew are also contenders for the UK’s Best Independent Craft Brewery Taproom award, underscoring their exceptional venues that enrich London's beer culture.

As we anticipate the awards presentation in Liverpool in March, we applaud our members for their outstanding achievements and wish them success. Their dedication not only propels their businesses forward but also elevates the entire London brewing community.