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Staff Come Together to Save Brockley Brewery

Staff Come Together to Save Brockley Brewery

In an uplifting turn of events, Brockley Brewery has been rejuvenated thanks to the passionate commitment of its own team, demonstrating a remarkable story of perseverance and community spirit within London's brewing industry.

Amid the broader struggles facing the UK's hospitality sector, and facing the looming prospect of closure, Brockley Brewery's dedicated staff members have stepped up, with Brewery Operations Manager Maricy, Head Brewer Gianluca, Taproom and Events Lead Carl, and Logistics Manager Nathan, all rallying to ensure the brewery's legacy endures. Their collective effort marks the beginning of an exciting new era for Brockley Brewery, one that builds on its rich history while steering it towards fresh opportunities and growth.

With the brewery's future now secured, the team is launching the 'Support Your Local Brewery' campaign, aiming to deepen the establishment's ties with the community and solidify its financial footing for the long term. This initiative invites locals and beer lovers alike to engage with the brewery through special offers, events, and collaborations, strengthening Brockley Brewery's role as a cornerstone of local culture.

Brockley Brewery has always been more than just a place to enjoy great beer. It stands as a vibrant hub for art, music, and community events, reflecting the dynamic spirit of Brockley itself. The 'Support Your Local Brewery' campaign seeks to build on this foundation, encouraging the community to actively participate in the brewery's future success.

As the new owners and staff at Brockley Brewery celebrate this significant milestone, they invite you to join them in by getting involved in the campaign or simply enjoying a pint at the taproom, you can help ensure that Brockley Brewery continues to thrive.

Stay tuned for more updates and find out how you can contribute to the brewery's bright future. Together, we hope we can toast to many more years of success and shared experiences at Brockley Brewery.

For more information about the 'Support Your Local Brewery' campaign and how you can get involved, please visit the Brockley Brewery website or connect with them on social media @brockley_taproom