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Two Tribes Secures Major Investment

Two Tribes Secures Major Investment

Two Tribes Brewery has recently secured a multi-million-pound investment, fuelling its already significant growth within the UK market and paving the way for an international leap in 2024.

With the support of their existing investors, Two Tribes is poised to broaden its reach beyond the UK, targeting two new international markets later this year. This ambitious venture is a testament to the brand's resilience and forward-thinking approach in the face of the industry’s current challenges.

The investment also fortifies Two Tribes' foundation, allowing for strategic enhancements to its core team. Hezi Yechiel, a seasoned hospitality and marketing maven, steps into the role of Executive Chairman, bringing his extensive expertise to the forefront. Bob Emms, with his background as former Finance Director at Meantime Brewery, joins in the same role, alongside Prudence Stamp who takes on the vital role of Head of People & Culture.

Two Tribes has experienced an impressive rise in the past two years, doubling its beer volume sales and forging strong partnerships with esteemed London on-trade locations, as well as with high-profile retailers and international brands. The brewery's Dream Pale Ale and Campfire Hazy IPA have been particularly successful, boasting a combined sales growth of 300% since December 2021.

Paul Robinson, Managing Director of Two Tribes, shared his enthusiasm:

“We are incredibly grateful for the continued support and trust from our investors. This new chapter of growth is a direct result of our team's dedication and hard work. Looking ahead, we’re excited for what 2024 holds — building upon our ethos of creativity and collaboration, and with new partnerships that resonate with our core values.”

As Two Tribes stands on the brink of an ambitious expansion, the LBA celebrates their journey and supports their vision for bringing creativity-infused brewing to a global audience. We look forward to seeing the innovative paths they will forge and the new communities they will inspire with their craft.

For more information on Two Tribes and their journey, or to explore investment opportunities with this trailblazing brand, visit their website.