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AEB GROUP: a leader in yeast, fermentation, flavour development, enzymes, filtration, and eco-biotechnologies for the beverage and food industries.

Headquartered in Brescia, Italy, AEB has a global presence with ten production sites, 18 commercial subsidiaries, and 12 R&D facilities with quality control laboratories.
As an innovator AEB collaborates with leading research institutes around the world.
Our purpose is to inspire safe and refreshing beverage experiences, and our passion is to do good for our customers, for our communities, and for the environment.

Our beginnings: in 1963 as the Agency of Enology of Brescia – the art & science of winemaking
Today: expanding knowhow and delivering expertise to beer brewing and next generation beverages

AEB Brewing’s focus is in brewing yeasts, fermentation (alcohol, acetic, lactic), aroma and flavour development, sustainable biotechnologies beer production including low and no alcohol beers, optimising production processes for brewing consistency, quality, and stability