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Asahi Announces Closure of Meantime Brewery's Greenwich Site Marking an End of an Era

In a significant shift for London's brewing landscape, Asahi UK has announced the closure of the historic Greenwich brewery, known for producing beers from Meantime a long-term and respected member of the London Brewers Alliance.

The production from the Greenwich site is set to be relocated to the Fuller’s Griffin Brewery in Chiswick. This move consolidates Asahi’s operations, bringing together the crafting of Meantime and Dark Star beers with the Fuller’s beer portfolio under one roof.

The closure of the Greenwich brewery is more than a business decision; it represents a change in the identity of a brand so closely tied to its origin. It underscores a challenging reality where larger entities absorb smaller, independent brands, often leading to concerns about the preservation of the unique qualities that define local craft beer.

Asahi UK asserts that this move is part of a strategy to ensure the growth and sustainability of its UK beer brand portfolio. The transition aims to harness the collective brewing expertise at Chiswick, paving the way for future innovation and investment while maintaining the high standards and unique identities of each beer brand.

Sources familiar with the situation have informed the LBA that all staff at the Meantime Brewery are to lose their jobs, despite efforts for Meantime to maintain its presence in Greenwich, with plans are in motion to establish a new consumer retail experience in the area, which may include a brewing operation that honours the brand’s roots.

While this development represents a consolidation of Asahi’s brands, it also brings forth commitments to the future success of the Meantime and Dark Star names, ensuring that the legacy and spirit of these beers continue to thrive in the hands of skilled brewers at their new Chiswick site.

As the London brewing community navigates this change, we look forward to seeing how Meantime Brewery adapts and continues to share its craft with beer lovers, preserving the essence that has made it a beloved part of London's recent brewing heritage.