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Bright Future Ahead: Mondo Beer Secures Investment from Hogs Back Brewery

Bright Future Ahead: Mondo Beer Secures Investment from Hogs Back Brewery

In a move that signals a positive step forward for the independent brewing scene, London craft brewer Mondo has secured an investment deal with brewing industry veteran Rupert Thompson. This investment not only secures the future of the Mondo brands but also ensures the continuity of its brewery and taproom located in Battersea.

Following a prepack administration, brewing operations will remain active at Mondo's Battersea site, with a renewed focus on growth and innovation. The investment from Hogs Back Brewery will provide the necessary capital to drive the continued success of Mondo's brands, including Dennis Hopp'r, Road Soda, and Little Victories. Moreover, this infusion of funds will support improvements to the Mondo taproom and enhance sales and marketing efforts.

Todd Matteson, founder and Managing Director of Mondo, expressed gratitude for the support and optimism about the future. "It's wonderful that Rupert has been able to help, and this allows us to move forward. His experience of developing successful beer brands will be invaluable, and we're delighted to have him working with us at Mondo Beer," said Matteson.

Speaking about the partnership, Rupert Thompson remarked, "It is a challenging market, but despite that Mondo has been growing. The beers and branding are excellent, and I think they have a bright future ahead. Customers want to see imaginative independent and local brands that are not owned by global brewers."

Under the leadership of Rupert Thompson, owner of Hogs Back Brewery, Mondo Beer Ltd will forge ahead with a commitment to preserving jobs and supporting suppliers. All staff members are being retained, ensuring continuity and stability for the Mondo team. Additionally, Mondo intends to ensure that none of their existing suppliers are affected, reaffirming their commitment to maintaining strong relationships within the brewing community and upholding ethical business practices.

With the backing of Hogs Back Brewery, Mondo Beer is poised for continued success and growth. The partnership also opens up opportunities for collaboration and innovation, ensuring that Mondo remains at the forefront of the craft beer movement.