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December's Top Brews to Close Out 2023

December's Top Brews to Close Out 2023

London's craft beer scene ended the year with no signs of slowing down, with a diverse array of new brews released that continue to impress and inspire. This December, the London Brewers Alliance is proud to present the top-rated new release beers that have been the talk of the town and the toast of the city.

Here's a look at the brews that captivated our palates in December 2023.

  1. The Kernel Brewery's 'Imperial Brown Stout Irish Whisky BA' – A heavyweight champion at 10.8% ABV, this stout has taken the throne with its whisky barrel aging process, clearly imparted a complexity and depth that resonates with stout fans.

  2. Gravity Well Brewing's 'Inner Space Smoothie: Mango, Passion Fruit And Pineapple' – A tropical tapestry of flavours has landed. This sour smoothie/pastry beer is a journey through a fruity paradise with a punchy 5.5% ABV.

  3. Gravity Well Brewing's 'Inner Space Smoothie: Raspberry Ripple' – Another Gravity Well creation manages third place. This smoothie beer blends the sweet nostalgia of raspberry ripple with a tangy kick.

  4. Howling Hops' 'Queen Cookie' – With an imperial strength of 11% ABV, this stout is as regal as its name suggests, offering a rich, dessert-like indulgence that's perfect for the festive season.

  5. Br3wery's 'XMAS 2023 - Honey Pie Stout' – A festive stout or a Christmas miracle? At 4.5% ABV, it's a sweet treat for those cold December evenings.

  6. The Kernel Brewery's 'Victorian Mild' – Taking a step back in time, The Kernel brings us a 5.6% ABV Mild, proving that traditional styles still hold their ground in the craft beer realm.

  7. Old Street Brewery's 'Witch Hazel' – This Brown Ale, sitting at a comfortable 4.5% ABV, has bewitched drinkers and showcasing the versatility of the style.

  8. Gravity Well Brewing's 'Shatterheart' – An American IPA that breaks the mold with a 6.2% ABV. It's a reminder of the enduring love affair between Londoners and the IPA, even during the darker winter months.

  9. Pretty Decent Brewing's 'You're Misusing Those Air Quotes' – A New England IPA that speaks volumes At 7% ABV. It's hazy, juicy, and making a "statement".

  10. Great Beyond's 'Mystic Red' – Rounding out the list is this Red IPA with a 6% ABV, offering a unique twist on the IPA tradition with its rich hues and hoppy bite.