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Exale Brewing Announces Strategic Shift with Leadership Changes

Exale Brewing Announces Strategic Shift with Leadership Changes

Exale Brewing has released an important update today, announcing a change of leadership and a strategic shift in their business model.

Mark Hislop, who has played a pivotal role in the operational side of the brewery, will be stepping down from his position as Managing Director with immediate effective. Mark’s contribution to Exale Brewing’s successful establishment has been significant, and while he will continue as a shareholder, the team at Exale wanted to extend their heartfelt wishes for his future pursuits.

In light of these changes, Andy Solley, who has been at the helm of Exale’s taproom and pub, will ascend to the role of Managing Director. Under his guidance, the brewery has seen impressive year-on-year growth and has forged strong relationships with a variety of accounts, both locally and across the nation.

In addition to the leadership changes, Exale Brewing also explained how it plans to adapting to the current landscape where breweries are navigating through a period of extraordinary challenges and increasing costs. To fortify the brewery’s future, a strategic shift in the business model has been decided upon. Moving forward, Exale Brewing will focus on producing beer exclusively for their taproom and pub, as well as a new site, expected to open by the end of 2024.

This pivot is a proactive step towards ensuring the long-term sustainability of the brewery and the continued employment of their dedicated team. This focused approach will allow Exale to maintain its commitment to crafting experimental, small-batch beers for their devoted patrons.

The familiar atmosphere that customers have come to adore will be preserved, even as exciting enhancements are on the horizon. The taproom is set for a refreshing makeover this summer, and patrons can look forward to a variety of innovative brews.

Exale also extended their gratitude to the trade customers for their unwavering support, and invite beer enthusiasts to continue enjoying their favourite Exale beers at the taproom, the Three Colts Tavern, and the upcoming new location.

Although Exale Brewing’s path has evolved from its original vision, the future is alight with promise. We at the LBA are eager to support them through this transition and are excited for the community to partake in this new chapter.

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