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May's Top New Beer Releases

May's Top New Beer Releases

We're delighted to once again present the latest and most exciting beer releases from our member breweries for May 2024.

London's breweries have once again showcased their creativity and expertise, offering a variety of 115 innovative and tantalising new release brews in May, ranging from hoppy IPAs to refreshing sours and everything in between.

The highest rated beers of the month are listed below, but don't forget you can view the full list of new beer releases here.

1. Gravity Well - Enhanced Shock
Leading this month's list is Gravity Well with their Enhanced Shock, an Imperial IPA with an impressive 8% ABV. This brew is sure to captivate with its robust flavour profile and high drinkability.

2. Great Beyond - PB & J Sour
Coming in strong, Great Beyond has introduced their PB & J Sour, a unique and intriguing sour beer that perfectly captures the nostalgic flavours of peanut butter and jelly. With a 4.4% ABV, it's a delightful blend that's sure to be a hit.

3. Pressure Drop - High Performance Machine
Pressure Drop has made waves with their High Performance Machine, an Imperial Double New England IPA at 8.4% ABV. This beer promises a high-octane experience with its powerful hop character and smooth finish.

4. Hackney Church Brew Co. - Peach & Vanilla Sour
Hackney Church Brew Co. impresses with their Peach & Vanilla Sour, a fruity and refreshing sour beer that balances sweet and tart notes beautifully. With a 5% ABV, it's a perfect summer sipper.

5. Pretty Decent - Deflated
Pretty Decent has brought us Deflated, a Fruited Sour with a 5.5% ABV. This beer is packed with vibrant fruit flavours and offers a wonderfully refreshing drinking experience.

6. Pretty Decent - Inflated
Also from Pretty Decent, Inflated is an Imperial Double New England IPA at 8% ABV. This brew is rich in hoppy goodness and showcases their talent for creating bold and flavourful IPAs.

7. Gravity Well - 5D Einstein Equations
Another standout from Gravity Well is their 5D Einstein Equations, a Fruited Sour at 3.4% ABV. This beer combines complex flavours with a lighter, more sessionable ABV, making it a versatile choice.

8. Hackney Church Brew Co. - Raspberry & Lemon Salt Gose
Hackney Church Brew Co. makes a second appearance with their Raspberry & Lemon Salt Gose, a 5% ABV sour that perfectly balances tart fruit flavours with a hint of salinity.

9. Gravity Well - Casimir Effect V3
Gravity Well continues to impress with their Casimir Effect V3, a New England Hazy IPA at 6.5% ABV. This beer is a showcase of their expertise in brewing hazy, juicy IPAs that beer enthusiasts love.

10. Howling Hops - The Lodge Keeper
Rounding out the top 10, and fresh from a complete rebrand, Howling Hops presents The Lodge Keeper, a New England Hazy IPA with a 6.9% ABV. This brew promises a tropical flavour explosion and a smooth, hazy finish.

Congratulations to all the breweries who made it onto this month's list! Your relentless dedication to craft and innovation continues to inspire and excite beer lovers across the city. Cheers to another month of exceptional brews!

May's Top New Beer Releases