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Mondo Beer + Pizza: new venue launches in Borough Yards!

Mondo Beer + Pizza: new venue launches in Borough Yards!

Mondo Beer + PizzaThe latest taproom and pizza joint from Mondo Brewery and Joe Public Pizza has arrived in Borough Yards, offering craft beer and enormous 20-inch California-style pizza pies. The idea for Mondo Beer + Pizza was born when the two companies joined forces to create a space where everyone can have a great time and enjoy great food and drink.Co-Owner, Todd stands beneath the serving tanks at Mondo's new Beer + Pizza venue.

It has taken the team 18 months to set up the joint venture, which features six 500L tanks filled with fresh beer from the brewery. The tanks, which are visible to customers, add to the fun atmosphere of the space, while also ensuring that the beer is always fresh and of the highest quality.

With 16 taps on offer, the aim is to have guest beers in due course, including international and US beers. The pizza menu is equally impressive, with enormous pies that can be ordered whole or by the slice. The pizzaiolos behind Joe Public Pizza have spent years perfecting their craft, ensuring that every pie is cooked to perfection and loaded with delicious toppings.

The opening times are flexible at the moment, but the team is opening the doors seven days a week to ensure that everyone can get in on the fun. Whether you're in the mood for a cold pint after work, a delicious pizza dinner with friends, or a weekend brunch with a twist, Mondo Beer + Pizza has got you covered.

The space is designed to be a place where people can come together, enjoy great food and drink, and have a good time. With its laid-back atmosphere, friendly staff, and fantastic menu, Mondo Beer + Pizza is the perfect spot to unwind and have fun. So why not grab a slice and a pint and see what all the fuss is about?