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Nirvana Brewery Embarks begins Crowdfunding and a appoints a new Head Brewer

Nirvana Brewery begins Crowdfunding and appoints a new Head Brewer

Nirvana Brewery, a trailblazer in the UK's no/low alcohol brewing sector, has unveiled a dual announcement that marks a pivotal moment in its journey. The East London-based brewery has not only initiated its first crowdfunding campaign through Seedrs but also welcomed aboard a new Head Brewer, James Rabagliati, to steer its brewing ambitions to new heights.

A Leap into Crowdfunding

Following a successful private investment round that raised £750,000 in 2023 and a notable 16% year-on-year surge in annual revenue – with a remarkable 43% increase noted in December alone – Nirvana is set to launch its crowdfunding campaign on 1st February. This strategic move aims to fuel further growth across retail and on-trade distribution channels, alongside amplifying marketing efforts and direct-to-consumer (D2C) activities.

Introducing the new Head Brewer

James Rabagliati brings with him a decade of brewing expertise, having honed his skills at some of the UK's rapidly growing breweries. His journey through the ranks at Truman’s, from Assistant Brewer to Head Brewer, and his creative tenure at Brew by Numbers, have prepared him to dive into the nuanced world of no and low-alcohol brewing at Nirvana. With his leadership, the brewery is set to explore the expanding potential within this innovative category.

In his own words, James shares,

“Every beer style requires a different approach, but in no and low, there’s very little room to ‘hide’! I’m seriously looking forward to exploring the massive potential in this category – especially given the leaps forward there’s been in hop processing of late.”

A Year of Triumphs

The past year has been transformative for Nirvana. Becky Kean, the founder and Brand Ambassador, reflects on the milestones:

“2023 was something of a breakthrough year for us – not only did we complete our biggest-ever fundraising, but we also secured significant on-trade distribution and strengthened our presence in retail. Across both channels, we’ve demonstrated an exceptionally high rate of returning customers, which only bodes well for the future. We’re delighted to have James on-board – as well as welcoming our new individual investors!”

Looking Forward

With the crowdfunding initiative and James Rabagliati's appointment, Nirvana is poised to further its mission of crafting exceptional no/low-alcohol beers. The brewery extends its gratitude to its patrons and investors, whose unwavering support propels Nirvana forward in this exciting industry segment.

Stay tuned to Nirvana's Seedrs campaign and join them in this exhilarating phase of growth. Here's to innovation, expansion, and the continued success of Nirvana Brewery!