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Nirvana Brewery Unveils Chocolate Porter, Just in Time for Easter

Nirvana Brewery Unveils Chocolate Porter, Just in Time for Easter

As the season of new beginnings approaches, and our palates crave the rich indulgence of chocolate, Nirvana Brewery, renowned for its low-alcohol offerings, presents its latest creation: the Chocolate Porter.

This new brew marks the first release under the guidance of newly appointed head brewer, James Rabagliati, and builds upon the success of Nirvana's original London Porter re-introduced last year.

The Chocolate Porter pours a luscious dark, velvety brown, weaving the intricate flavours of the traditional Porter with the sumptuous richness of 100% cocoa nibs. With each sip, you're greeted by a harmonious blend of roasted malts and bold chocolate, subtly accented with nuances of spice, coffee, and caramel—all while maintaining a sessionable 0.5% ABV.

Becky Kean, the founder of Nirvana Brewery and its brand ambassador, shares her enthusiasm:

"After seeing how much our community enjoyed the London Porter, we embarked on a flavour exploration, leading us to the rich and complex world of cocoa nibs."

As Easter approaches and we gather to celebrate with friends and family, Nirvana's Chocolate Porter stands as a delectable treat that promises to delight the senses without the alcohol.