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NOMOQ announced as sponsors of We Are Beer festivals for 2024

NOMOQ Sponsors We Are Beer festivals 2024

We are thrilled to announce that LBA trade supporters NOMOQ, a leading innovator in digital can printing, has partnered with all three We Are Beer festivals across the UK for 2024. This exciting collaboration underscores NOMOQ’s commitment to revolutionising beverage packaging while supporting the vibrant and diverse culture of modern brewing.

NOMOQ, which launched just two years ago, has already made significant strides in the industry, collecting prestigious awards such as Can of the Year from Canmaker magazine in both 2022 and 2023. Their first UK site, opened near Birmingham in 2023, marks a significant step in their journey to enhance beverage packaging with sustainable, high-quality solutions.

As the major sponsor of the We Are Beer festivals, NOMOQ will showcase the potential of their innovative printing solutions. Festival attendees can look forward to exclusive partnerships with local brands, immersive experiences at the Brewer’s Lounge, and the unique opportunity to seal their favourite brews in NOMOQ cans.

Andrew Bannister, General Manager at NOMOQ’s Leamington Spa site, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, saying,

“At NOMOQ, we are passionate about redefining the beverage packaging landscape with sustainable, high-quality solutions. Our partnership with We Are Beer not only emphasises our commitment to innovation but also reflects our dedication to enhancing consumer experiences. This is our first investment of this kind, and we couldn’t have dreamed of a better set of events to sponsor.”

With an anticipated attendance of over 29,000 enthusiasts and an impressive line-up of more than 1,600 beers from 215 breweries, the We Are Beer festivals promise an unparalleled celebration of craft brewing culture. Greg Wells, co-founder of We Are Beer, highlighted the impact of the craft beer revolution, stating, “The craft beer revolution has reshaped the beer industry, attracting millions of enthusiasts and catapulting craft brews into the mainstream. We are excited to join forces with NOMOQ to further elevate the festival experience and champion innovation in brewing.”

The London Craft Beer Festival, a key event for the London Brewers Alliance, will feature many of our member breweries and include our bespoke 10-tap bar. This festival is a perfect example of the dynamic collaboration within our community, fostering a shared passion for quality and innovation. With NOMOQ’s support, we look forward to an enhanced festival experience that aligns with our commitment to excellence and sustainability.

As consumer awareness and environmental concerns continue to rise, the industry is shifting towards greener alternatives. NOMOQ’s innovative approach helps brands make substantial and affordable changes to packaging, proving that sustainability does not come at a premium price.

We extend our gratitude to NOMOQ for their support and to the team at We Are Beer for their continued dedication to celebrating the craft brewing culture. Join us at the London Craft Beer Festival to experience the best of what our brewing community has to offer.