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November's top new beer releases

November's top new beer releases

As the nights draw in and the air gets crisper, London's brewing scene continues to thrive with innovation and creativity. Following the success of our inaugural feature in October, we're excited to present the second edition of our monthly new London beer releases highlight.

The aim is to celebrate the finest new brews crafted by our member breweries across London, each leaving an indelible mark on the palates of beer enthusiasts.

November's Top 10 Rated New Releases

  1. Gravity Well Brewing's 'Lunar Liquid'
  2. Pressure Drop Brewing's 'Puchi Puchi'
  3. Battersea Brewery's 'Big Boy Nelson'
  4. Hammerton Brewery's 'City of Crunch'
  5. BrewDog Tower Hill's 'Swiftie Session'
  6. Gravity Well Brewing's 'Pilot Wave Theory'
  7. Pillars Brewery's 'Icebock 23'
  8. Wimbledon Brewery's 'XXXX Vintage Ale 2023'
  9. Wildcard Brewery's '2023 Whisky Barrel Aged Stout'
  10. Pressure Drop Brewing's 'Spinneret'

This month's selection one again showcases the diverse and dynamic nature of London's brewing community. From traditional ales to experimental concoctions, these top-rated beers represent the pinnacle of craft and dedication.

In total, November has seen an exciting 119 new beer releases from 50 of our member breweries. It's a clear indication that even as the year winds down, the creativity and passion within London's brewing industry are only ramping up.

To explore the full list of November's new beer releases and discover more about each unique brew, visit

We applaud all our member breweries for their outstanding contributions and for continuing to push the boundaries of brewing. Stay tuned for next month's feature as we continue to celebrate the exceptional talent within the London Brewers Alliance community.