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Orbit Beers Refreshes Core Range with New Belgian Wit

Orbit Beers Refreshes Core Range with New Belgian Wit

Orbit Beers has announced an exciting evolution in their beer lineup. Starting 1st February 2024, the brewery is set to revitalise its core range by transforming the beloved ‘Peel’ from a Belgian Pale Ale to a refreshingly zesty Belgian Wit, now with a higher ABV of 4.9%.

The transition to a Belgian Wit is the fruit of a year-long dedication to research and meticulous recipe development. This decision is driven by Orbit Beers' commitment to diversity in their core offerings and a specific intent to enhance food pairings – a strategic move that complements the brewery's expanding presence in the restaurant industry.

The new Belgian Wit is crafted to be a culinary delight, pairing exceptionally well with a variety of dishes. The beer's natural unfiltered character and the use of all-natural ingredients result in a soft, hazy pour crowned with a fluffy white head. The delicate dance of dried orange peel and Motueka hops imparts subtle citrus notes, while the Belgian yeast and coriander seeds contribute captivating aromas of clove and banana. This combination, alongside a moreish malt sweetness, creates a beer that sings alongside spicy, creamy, or fried dishes, making it an ideal companion for Thai and Vietnamese cuisine.

True to Orbit Beers' ethos, the Belgian Wit will retain the name 'Peel', echoing the brewery's connection to the iconic Peel Sessions and the music industry. This connection is further serendipitously highlighted by the inclusion of orange peel in the recipe, aligning perfectly with the beer's branding elements.

Robbie Sykes, General Manager of Orbit Beers, shared his enthusiasm for the new addition:

"At Orbit Beers, we’re committed to quality and always aim to champion the unsung heroes of European brewing culture here in the UK, and the Belgian-style wit is certainly one of them! We’ve seen some cracking wheat beers come and go over the past few years, and have released a few one-off specials ourselves."

“I’m proud of our team’s ability to balance flavours and ingredients to design beers that go so well with different cuisines. Collaborating with restaurants over the past year has naturally steered us in the direction of food and beer pairings with restaurants in mind, and I think the Wit will be a great addition to our portfolio that is available all year round.”

As Orbit Beers approaches its 10th anniversary, the focus remains on celebrating the timeless nature of European-style beers and the brewery's enduring legacy in Walworth, South London.

The Belgian Wit will be available for purchase on the Orbit Beers webshop and select independent bottle shops from 1st February, with a 12-bottle case starting at £31.50. Draft enthusiasts can look forward to its trade launch at The Robin Ale and Cider Free House on 7th February and its permanent availability at the Orbit Beers taproom from the start of the month.