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Revealing January's Top New Brews!

Revealing January's Top New Brews!

We're thrilled to share January's top beer releases from our London brewers! Leading the charge is Bianca Road Brew Co. with their 'Whole Latte Love', a divinely indulgent coffee Stout. Boasting a 5.5% ABV and a velvety texture, this brew distinguishes itself as the only Stout among the top 10, braving a tide of IPAs.

A special shoutout is due to Pretty Decent Beer Co., who impressed with not one, but three beers in this month's top ranks. Hats off as well to Pressure Drop and Gravity Well Brewing, each seeing a duo of beers make the top 10.

Rounding out the list, we tip our hats to The Kernel and Tap East, who claimed the 4th and 9th spots, respectively.

A hearty congratulations to all our member breweries who launched new beers in January, triumphing over one of the industry's most challenging months. Your resilience and innovation keep London's beer scene vibrant and diverse. Cheers!

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January's Top 10 New Beer Releases - London Edition